We are looking for both disabled and non-disabled volunteers to help with a variety of tasks onsite during our festival, and throughout the year.

Disability Pride Brighton has launched a volunteer and buddy scheme, so that more disabled people can get involved with our annual event and the wider community as a whole. Sadly, disabled people are amongst the most socially excluded people in society and we want to change this! This project is funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthWish through The Health Lottery.

People’s Health Trust is an independent charity addressing health inequalities across Great Britain. It works closely with each of the 51 society lotteries and makes grants using money raised by the society lotteries through The Health Lottery.

Active Communities supports people to create and shape local projects that will help their community or neighbourhood to become even better. Active Communities projects aim to develop social links and ties and support residents to discuss and act on things that are important to them.

We’ve had feedback that people wish there were more opportunities to be involved in Disability Pride Brighton and, in particular, volunteering on the day itself. We understand the importance in ensuring that the event genuinely reflects, supports and empowers our community.

This scheme will run throughout the year and support people to fully participate in many aspects of Disability Pride Brighton. There will be regular meetups and training in an accessible and supportive environment, plus opportunities for people who are housebound. Everyone will be working towards making our annual event a success as well as raising awareness of disability issues in the city.

We can provide transport costs, refreshments, regular training, and opportunities with other local organisations.

Some people may need extra support to volunteer with us and so we are also looking for buddies who would be happy to support people to fully participate in the scheme.

Our Volunteering Project Coordinator, Harriet Oliver, works for Gig Buddies and Stay Up Late so has lots of experience running accessible volunteer and buddy programmes. We also have two support workers, to provide more support at the meetings and during the festival for volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering onsite, on the day of the festival, or for more information, please contact: harriet.oliver@disabilitypridebrighton.com.

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the organising committee and/or to help with other aspects of event planning and promotion throughout the year, please contact: chair@disabilitypridebrighton.com

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