Some Of Our Committee Members Over The Years

Jenny Skelton, Founder and Chair of Disability Pride Brighton

Jenny Skelton is the Founder and Chair of Disability Pride Brighton which she set up after one of her disabled children suffered an incident of disability discrimination. Jenny has three adopted, disabled adult-children, three rescue dogs and seven rescue cats. Jenny has several non-visible disabilities and has been an unpaid carer for 20 years. As part of her English degree, she studied Creative Writing, with the aim of being a successful novelist and screenwriter. She is still waiting for that to happen!

Martin Jones
Martin Jones. After many years championing SEND educational and social outcomes for young people in Brighton and Hove, Martin is now Proud to be Vice Chair at Disability Pride. Martin says his past endeavours as a City Parent Governor on Brighton and Hove Children and Young Peoples Committee and membership of PaCC committee have further educated him on the many challenges for people with all disabilities. He adds that the positive energy and achievement of both people with disabilities – and the community they are part of – need celebrating.

Pip. Hey I’m Pip, I have been a committee member from the start of DPB. I am a carer to my husband, but also have PTSD and bipolar affective disorder. Between 9-5 mon-fri I am an operations manager for a mobile MRI fleet and am a Radiographer by trade. At work I advocate equality and diversity, and in previous roles have made big changes to the way my colleagues work and perceive disability. In my spare time, I am on the Scope Local People’s Project board, a committee member for Disability Pride Brighton, and an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons

Naz A.K.A. Havva

Naz. Here’s Naz (our Secretary) and her service dog Casper, having a photoshoot in the photo booth at Disability Pride last year!

Naz is registered blind, with a condition called Rod Cone Dystrophy. She also has generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.

She is an advocate for invisible illness awareness, and expresses this subject through blogging, vlogging, her music and public speaking.

She has performed at all the Disability Pride Brighton festivals so far as a musician under her stage name ‘HAVVA’.

Facebook and Instagram- @its.havva

Victoria Garcia MBE
Victoria Garcia MBE is a long-standing committee member and is also Accessibility and Communities Manager at Brighton and Hove Buses. Victoria has a number of ‘invisible’ disabilities.

Chantal Spencer
Chantal Spencer. Chantal is a Designer/Maker nowadays, but in her previous existence, she worked with a range of vulnerable people, all with varying needs, from newborn to palliative care for the elderly. She says that those years have given her an insight into the fragility of human kind, how at so many points in our lives we are completely at the mercy of the kindness and care of others. This insight has shaped her, not only as a human but also as an artist.

Her life experiences have given her a drive and a focal point for her work. She designs for disability. She wants to help people live full and happy lives with the things that she makes.

She says she also makes to bring joy to herself, so you’ll see a lot of weird and wonderful things on her Instagram (c.spencer3d) or facebook (cspencer3d) page.

Chantal suffers from PTSD, severe depression and anxiety. She also has a 20 cm abdominal hernia, severe sciatica and hyper-mobility. All of these conditions mean that she lives a very painful life.

But…, she says, “My disabilities are mine, I am not theirs.”

Claire Nelson
Claire Nelson is a long-standing committee member and also works tirelessly as lead of the Beach Access Team. Claire is severely sight impaired and has experience of mental health issues from a professional and personal perspective. She also runs accessible mindfulness courses.