2018 Theme/Fancy Dress

In 2018, the event will have a yellow and black theme!

You may already know that our logo and poster are yellow and black because those are the easiest combinations for people with sight impairments to see.  All of our committee members will also be wearing yellow and black clothing.

Disability Pride Brighton t-shirts for 2018 yellow text and logo on black t-shirt

Disability Pride Brighton t-shirts for 2018 black text and logo on yellow t-shirt















Why don’t you join us?

It would be so much fun to see lots of people all dressed in yellow and black!   You would impress even more with some yellow and black fancy dress (bumble bees are the obvious choice, but we encourage you to get creative!).

Obviously, this is completely optional and you can wear whatever you like, but do feel free to join in the theme of the day!

We will also be selling Disability Pride Brighton T-shirts in advance and on the day which will be available in black on yellow or yellow on black.  They are available if you contact us at chair@disabilitypridebrighton.com or visit our stall on the day.  If you buy a T-shirt, all you need to do is to wear a black or yellow bottom half.  Simples!