2018 Stalls

We are delighted to have a number of not-for-profit organisations which provide services and support for the disabled community, as well as their families, friends, and carers represented at various stalls onsite at the 2018 Disability Pride Brighton Festival.

Organisations which have already signed up for stalls include:

We will have many more stalls onsite and will be adding organisations with stalls to the website as they confirm.

Some organisations will also be distributing materials onsite.  Currently, these include:

*Special Stall*
Shawn Joshi, Fulbright scholar and first year Doctoral student at Drexel University will also be hosting a stall onsite focusing on a new research study that he is leading.  “The study uses a smart wheelchair — a hybrid of a traditional manual wheelchair and a full-powered one. It tests how the ‘smart’ accelerative boost of the new wheelchair can impact the user’s physical and mental workload while traversing a complex environment, such as ramps or cones.  ‘Basically we created an obstacle course, and the participants will be wearing the [functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy] device while completing the obstacle course in either a ‘smart’ setting or a ‘traditional’ setting,’ Joshi said.”

Joshi will have a demonstration set up and will be seeking volunteers for the study onsite.  Festival participants who have wheelchairs may also come try out the course set up at Joshi’s stand.

Find more information about Joshi and his work here.
Specific information about the study can be found here.

If you would like a stall at the festival, please contact: chair@disabilitypridebrighton.com