These are unprecedented times: The welfare of our fesivalgoers, artists, and staff is paramount, and we also want to support the valiant efforts of our health service. Therefore, we are taking action in line with Government advice, and reluctantly announce the cancellation of the Disability Pride Brighton 2020 festival.

As I’m sure you can imagine, a lot of work has already taken place – the work never stops for us, but I’m sure we can use this knowledge, and experience to ensure we come back stronger than ever.

Join us on our facebook discussion page https://www.facebook.com/DisabilityPrideBrighton to stay informed, and keep in touch

Above all stay safe. Stay healthy.

Team DPB

The festival is aligned with other global Disability Pride events in New York City, Italy and Senegal.

Please like and follow our Disability Pride Brighton Facebook page to stay informed.

Please note that Disability Pride Brighton is NOT a specific event/organisation only for the disabled LGBTQ+ community, but for ANYONE with ANY impairment plus their family, friends and carers. We called it Disability Pride so that it is in line with other international Disability Pride organisations.